• Pó de leite seco puro esterilizado da cabra similar ao leite dos seres humanos para a fórmula infantil
Pó de leite seco puro esterilizado da cabra similar ao leite dos seres humanos para a fórmula infantil

Pó de leite seco puro esterilizado da cabra similar ao leite dos seres humanos para a fórmula infantil

Detalhes do produto:

Lugar de origem: capital do leite da cabra de China, Shaanxi, China
Marca: Meiling
Número do modelo: Pó de leite seco da cabra da fórmula

Condições de Pagamento e Envio:

Quantidade de ordem mínima: 2Mt
Preço: 11,500-12,500/Mt
Detalhes da embalagem: 25kg em 4 sacos de papel de nível-kraft
Tempo de entrega: 5-7 dias do trabalho
Termos de pagamento: L/C, Western Union, T/T
Habilidade da fonte: 400bags/Day
Melhor preço Contato

Informação detalhada

formulário: pulverizado gosto: sabor
original: Capital do leite da cabra de China Cor: Branco de creme

pó de leite da senhora


pó de leite seco

Descrição de produto

Pó de leite seco puro esterilizado da cabra similar ao leite dos seres humanos para a fórmula infantil

Meiling Whole Goat Milk Powder 

The goat milk powder is produced from chilled fresh goat's milk in 24 hours,only water has been removed.The goat milk powder can then bereconstituted in water to produce a crisp and wholesome drink that provides the unique nutritional benefits of goat milk.Composition of goat milk was discovered very similar to human's milk.Therefore from theview point of nutrition,it is perfect for infant formula,growing up and kids,And it is also useful for aged digest.


Product name Goat milk powder


Main function

1. Builds and repairs muscles and bones;
2.Repairs body cells;
3.Provides energy and controls important processes in the body related to metabolism.
Spefication 100% natural
Shelf life 24 months
Usage Addictive food ,formulated milk ,Yogurt
Storage Keep in cool/dry place
MOQ 40Bags*25kg/Bag


Packing details

1. Foil bag if small order
2.Drum above 25 kgs
Ingredients goat milk
Form Extract/Powder
Shipment ways By sea,DHL,Fedex,TNT,EMS,UPS,By air


  • Be More Nourished: Not only is goat milk easy to digest, but it is packed full of healthy fats and minerals that are more bioavailable compared to cow milk
  • Goat milk is known as the 'universal milk' because it's hypoallergenic for many people. Even those with lactose intolerance can tolerate goat milk because of its special protein composition.
  • Whole goat milk product that is Deliciously Smooth, Easily dissolvable, Non-clumping. Customers receive 3 ready to drink 32 oz Goat Milk+ one 12 ounce Powder pouch
  • With just 2 servings, get 100% of your daily folate, 50% of your daily vitamin B12, and 50% of your daily vitamin D3 More


Goat’s Milk Without the “Goaty” Taste!


Recommended for: digestive and gastrointestinal health; minimize effects of osteoporosis; regulate cardiovascular circulation and nerve function; reduce fatigue; improves brain faculties and body immune system; whitening complexion and beauty; accelerate strong growth and development during young children formative years; and general health.




Q. Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A:We are a manufacturer with professional production lines and rich experience for 40 years.


Q: Can we get samples first?

A: Yes, we can offer the current sample to you if you are will to pay the shipping cost .and sample fee will reduced once you place the order in quantities ,Generally shipping cost is about $20-40 via DHL or EMS, normally you can receive the sample about 5-7 days after we receive the payment.

Q : What’s the MOQ ?

A : 1)Normally, if the items are in stock,, there is no MOQ, the quantity is according to the clients requires .Our MOQ is negotiable.

   2) if there is no stock, or, the general MOQ are in big difference due to the different products . But the quantity still can be negotiable.

Q: What's your advantage? Why we choose you?

A: 1) We are a Direct Factory, a professional ODM/OEM Service China Supplier of a wide range of goat milk powders with 40 years production experience.

    2) We have an outstanding team in research & development, are capable of assisting our global clients with the development of goat milk.

    3) With 40 years exporting experience, our people will always provide effective cost service, prompt response to inquiries, reasonable price to meet all costumer demands.

Q: Why choose goat milk products?

A:1)Goat and sheep milk is less allergic;

2) Goat milk does not suppress the immune system;

3) Goat milk is easier to digest than cow's milk;

4) Goat milk contains healthful and natural short-medium-chain fatty acids;

5)Goat milk is a rich source of the trace mineral selenium.

Q: Do you know the life habits of goat?

A:1)Docile and Gregarious;

2)Goat prefer dry and clean environment ,so that they could always main the healthy bodies, and thus produce healthy milk.

3)Goat has a well-developed sense of smell, and only intake clean pasture and water.

4)Goat have strong adaptability to the living environment, and have strong

tolerance and resistance to disease.

5)Goat have short tails and the faeces is in the form of solid particles, so the hygiene conditions of goat milk is better than bovine milk.






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